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Past Pupils and Staff Reconnected

The Past Pupils' Association (PPA) was re-established in 2010 in AƬ’s Centenary Year, during which time many past pupils and staff reconnected with the AƬ and with old friends.

A database of Past Pupils’ contact details currently holds over 2600 names. We are keen to keep building this database and to establish and maintain contact with as many past pupils and staff as possible.

Membership of the Past Pupils Association is automatic and is void of any financial commitment. Twice a year those registered receive a copy of CapeStreet, the AƬ’s bi-annual magazine.

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Reunions are a great way to catch up with friends from your days at AƬ and there are a number of groups that have been meeting on a regular basis for many years. Reunions are also important to the AƬ as through these gatherings the AƬ shares in the lives and achievements of past pupils and is able to share news about the life at AƬ.

Reunion groups are determined by the final year, which is the year a student did or would have completed Year 12 or equivalent. For example if you left AƬ in Year 11 (Form 5) in 1976 your graduating year would have been 1977 – therefore you are part of the Class of 1977.

The AƬ can provide considerable support and advice in planning a reunion, providing a venue, assistance with advertising or to obtain contact details for your year group. If you would like to be part of the organising committee for your year group please contact Marie Jenkins at the college on 9459 2511. Organising a reunion is a big task and we are happy to help wherever we can.

If you have already started organising a reunion please let us know so that we can publish details in school publications.

Past Pupils' Association Committee

The Past Pupils' Association Committee meets three times a year and warmly welcomes new members and new ideas. A Past Pupils' Association Charter was developed in 2012 which outlines the objectives of the Association.

The AƬ Past Pupils' Association seeks to:

  • Promote and support the work and ethos of the Sisters of Mercy
  • Support the values and activities of the AƬ Community
  • Foster connections between past pupils, staff and friends of AƬ
  • Foster links between current and former students of AƬ
  • Act as a valuable resource to the AƬ community.

All Past Pupils are welcome to join the committee. If you are interested please contact Marie Jenkins at the AƬ.

Marie Jenkins is the ‘Go to’ person based at the AƬ for all matters pertaining to past pupils. The database is maintained by Marie, so please keep her advised of any amended or additional contact details.

Ms Marie Jenkins
Community Development Coordinator
T: (03) 9455 7571
E: mjenkins@olmc.vic.edu.au

If you would like to update your contact details please do so by completing the Past Pupil Contact Details Form below. We ask that you encourage all the past pupils you know to do the same.