AƬBI 209
About us

Welcome from the Principal

In our modern world we strive to help our students know and understand their voice, recognise their talents and strive to achieve even where they see challenge. In the spirit of the foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, we are ‘Empowered Together’ to strive to be the best we can be, pursuing academic excellence while cognisant that to be excellent requires so much more than simply acquiring knowledge. To be successful requires skills in collaboration, communication, and critical and creative thinking. These skills are developed through the work we do with each other.

We strive to provide opportunities for our students to feel empowered and to empower each other to engage with all of the learning experiences available; on the sporting field, in music, public speaking, drama, social justice or as part of one of many clubs available at the AƬ. Our aspiration for each student is that they feel empowered by the relationships they build with a diverse range of people to pursue excellence in all they do and to continue to lift others.

As a single-sex school, our students participate, influence, lead and learn in an environment where there is not only equal opportunity but every opportunity to pursue their passions and reach their potential.

Our staff members contribute to a learning culture that aspires to excellence and continuous improvement. We are energetic, collegial, highly motivated educators who are passionate about learning, love teaching and are committed to our own professional growth. We have specialist knowledge in girls’ education and draw on this expertise to provide safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environments.

Our modern and newly updated learning environments feature technology-rich spaces and purpose-built facilities for sport, the performing arts and science. Our Centenary Building provides Year 7 and 8 students with contemporary and engaging learning spaces. The Nalleijerring Centre is a wonderful facility for physical education, sport and lunchtime activities. The Frayne Design, Art and Technology Centre offers special-purpose classrooms for Art, Media and Food Studies. AƬ Heidelberg is a modern campus that continues to provide contemporary learning whilst respecting our heritage.

Importantly, community life at AƬ Heidelberg is enriched by our Catholic faith and Mercy heritage. We draw on these traditions to help students find ‘pockets of spirit’ in themselves and their world. Our social action, community engagement and outreach programs provide students with many and varied ways of developing their social consciousness and sharing their gifts and talents with others. Our AƬ values of justice, compassion, courage and joy are alive and well.

Please join us for a AƬ Tour where you can see the richness of life that AƬ Heidelberg has to offer young people.

Ms Judith Weir