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About us

Why Choose a Girls’ School?

Our Lady of Mercy AƬ has close to 1200 young women who come to learn each day. We believe that being a single-sex college provides our students with the best opportunity to reach their academic potential.

Girls at AƬ enjoy not only equal opportunity but every opportunity. They participate, influence, lead and learn in an environment where there is no gender stereotyping and where they are encouraged and supported to explore their interests and passions.

As staff, we believe that we have specialist knowledge and expertise in girls' education and we draw on this expertise to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for girls to learn and grow. We are committed to their wellbeing and to specific programs that counteract the negative images and influences that impact on young women in contemporary society.

Research of Girls' Education

In research and educational circles, the advantages of single-sex education are highly contested. No definitive study can be cited to prove that girls receive a better education in single-sex schools. Instead, a cumulative picture is formed when many studies are analysed together. For parents and others wishing to investigate this matter, we recommend the website of the . See particularly the research pages which present a snapshot from the research literature of the many and varied benefits of single-sex schooling for girls. Nearly all the studies selected were published in the last few years.